I have experience of individual and group sessions. I started with one-to-one sessions. I was keen to join the group offerings but needed more safety around what to expect and how my vulnerability would be met. I soon understood from being with Clare that groups facilitated by her style would hold me. I have found previously that even groups with the best intentions can have communication styles that are challenging. Clare facilitates at a pace and style that is compassionate and clear. 

Clare manages to welcome all feelings and expressions brought to her, helping me to understand the needs behind my actions or responses. It has been supportive to have the freedom to be with what is alive in me and know it can be met.

My understanding of NVC has grown and I really welcome what I have learnt. All sessions have included a variety of 'tools' or approaches to support the practice of NVC. They have all encouraged me and brought hope to how I might understand myself and others. The work is very rich. It feels simple but with the power to bring about so much change. I have felt shifts in how I relate to situations through exploring what I need, this has brought me relief.