"I have found the  work I have done with Clare profoundly life changing. Realising the deep inner calling of my nervous system for acknowledgement and attention has taken time to learn and hear, having been so ignored for so many years. Slowly I am finding a deep respect for myself and an inner confidence emerging. Clare’s gentle nature and support through her passion and her art and skill is so truly wonderful and life changing. Learning Compassionte Communication is my own contribution to making the  world a better place and taking full responsibility for my own communication. Thank You Clare for your guidance on this journey."

Coaching Client

"This has been a wonderful experience. I had an 'ought' hanging over me when doing this writing, it was such a relief to be reminded that this should and ought are so detrimental to a free flowing process...putting up a block to even starting! So an encouragement to do this from a place of curiosity and enthusiasm, whenever, is so liberating.

Class Participant

"I have now received 10 coaching sessions with Clare and also attended a day workshop. I experience the space she holds as safe, insightful, full of care, warmth and compassion and experience a deep level of relaxation. I would say that the sessions have given me a sense of empowerment, calm and gentle healing in order to deal with some of the challenges of my life."

Coaching Client