2 Day Immersion

Embodying Empathic Resonance

@ The Round House, Hawkwood, Stroud


This gathering is cancelled in support of Governement guidelines, but I hope to run this later in the year.

Re-membering the skill of



In The Warmth Of Relational Connection


This is a new opportunity to gather together with me to practice the courage to face the unknown.  To cultivate an inner felt sense of trust in the present moment.  To reside there and to meet what is revealed with hospitality and a compassionate warmth of welcome. I will bring to you a lived experience of empathic resonance through the practices and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication and Interspecies Communication.  Being @ The Round House, a recently built straw bale house in the beautiful surroundings of Hawkwood, in the company of a log burner, we will be nourished and nourish each other.  I can't wait. 




We have neuro receptors in our skin that are made to perceive the bodily warmth of other human beings. This is their sole purpose. They only light up when they perceive the warmth of another human. In contrast to this our Alarmed Aloneness Response is activated within our Grief/Panic Circuit when we are 'taken away' from our people. Are our neuro receptors starved?


Our Endocannabinoid System thrives in the warmth of relational connection. This biological system promotes Homeostasis a dynamic equilibrium supporting biological harmony in response to changes in the environment. The main purpose of our endocannabinoid system is to maintain bodily homeostasis . We can't have Wellbeing without homeostasis.



Our society is suffering from a loneliness epidemic and human connection is being diminished and reduced through the use of technology. The UK now has a Minister For Loneliness. We have been 'taken away' from our people.  We no longer have that sense of a holding basket to guide us in the ways of being human.  We hunger to belong, yet we have not been shown or cultivated the capacity to belong.  Vulnerability is the key to cultivating belonging, courage and love in our lives and yet our culture shuns vulnerability. And love hurts, literally, we now have the neuro scientific evidence to prove that emotional pain is equal to the pain of losing a limb.  So how can we begin anew to share hearth and home together?


These 2 day events are an opportunity to Re-member Our True Nature and to practice the skill of Belonging to ourselves and one another  An immersion into the Embodiment Of Empathic Resonance in the company of other humans @ The Round House, on the grounds at  Hawkwood. If we want to feel well we need to be with others of our species. For many of us this is or has been painful.  All those times we have reached for connection with others only to experience pain, especially in our families of origin. And yet something keeps calling us back. So, in a container of compassion we will cultivate a re-membering and practice of belonging through learning the skill of empathic resonance based on the practices of Nonviolent Communication. Through song (did ya know that our gut biome thrives on our song? who knew?), through interspecies practices, through sharing our hearts and being in community together for two days. Connecting with all beings through compassionate giving and receiving.

Booking and Details:

2 Day Non-residential - if you need information of somewhere to stay overnight on the Saturday do get in touch with me.

Time: 10.00 am to 5.30 pm

Date: TBC

Venue: The Round House (which is on the grounds of Hawkwood Centre For Future Thinking but is owned by Stroud Community Agricultural Ltd where they lease 23 acres there for the organic veg box scheme)  Here is the link on how to find Hawkwood and the Round House is on the entrance driveway. 

Workshop Price (payment at point of booking):

High Level Income - Financially comfortable with assets or if it's being paid for by your organisation £150.00

Middle Level Income - Can pay bills and rent but not a lot for extras £120.00

Low Level Income - On benefits/pension or very low income with no assets and struggling to pay bills and rent £100.00

Prior Learning/Experience: An understanding of Nonviolent Communication is a prerequisite for my workshops.  This can be through having read Marshall Rosenberg's Book 'Nonviolent Communication, A Language Of Life', the audio book is available on youtube, or having attended a foundation training in NVC.

Refreshments: Tea & Coffee / Soup and Bread Lunch provided each day (please bring and share some food if you would like to contribute other things for our meal together)

What to bring: Indoor shoes, favourite treats, blanket, and anything which supports your need for comfort.