4 Week Foundation Programme In Needs Based Empathy

I'm delighted to welcome you to the programme.  I have prepared an outline of each class for you below along with some guidance around approaching this work/content and an overview of the format the classes take.





The relationship between healing and connecting to your needs
What happened to us to make us disconnect from our needs
The impact of the disconnection from our needs
What's the purpose in becoming aware of them
What is the 8th sense and how does it relate to understanding our needs
The purpose of feelings and how they relate to your needs
The self-connection muscle
Listening to your needs with the support of the inner and outer critic
How understanding what you need supports you with difficult feelings
How empathically connecting with our needs supports self-regulation
How connecting with our needs brings empowerment in the present moment 



The impact of the 'positive thinking' culture
Understanding the origins of the inner and outer critic 'survival thinking'
Introducing awareness of the intention of survival thinking
The purpose of 'negative' thoughts and beliefs in relation to needs
How to notice survival thinking in the form of core beliefs and repetitive thought cycles
How to empathically end the ancestral lineage and cycle of survival thinking
How survival thinking relates to emotional and mental suffering
How to empathically interrupt survival thinking in order to hear your needs
Ending habitual strategies that no longer serve you
How connecting to survival thinking opens out growth, possibility, autonomy and creates safety




The quietness of being where things become apparent
Interrupting 'urgency' to have our needs 'met' through empathic self-connection
The gift of slow living
Empathically meeting the 'material' in our nervous systems

How empathic presence with our somatic experience interconnects with needs
Identifying strategies and ways to support our needs and ease emotional suffering.



Articulating Your Needs

Inhabiting the space between 'filtered and unfiltered'
How expressing your needs doesn't mean anyone else has to 'do' anything
Present moment liberation from outcomes
The empowerment of finding out what you don't want!
Understanding why we 'people please'
Releasing 'demand' by understanding the yes behind the no - yours and the others
'You're Too Needy' - how the fear of 'selfishness might hold you back
Programme review and next steps



Participation Preparation Guidance:

Two of the key ingredients in embodying needs consciousness is through the skill of slowing down and the art of connecting with the body. So you might like to prepare an uninterrupted space where you will be working to create a container within which  focus and stillness become possible.

If possible for you, please keep your camera on during the teaching and participant feedback sections of the class.  Becoming visible and sharing vulnerability online can be difficult for the nervous system and it supports a sense of safety and belonging to be able to see the faces of those present.  During the practice aspects do enjoy switching the camera off and entering into the quiet space of reflection. 

I encourage you to make your space as physically comfortable as possible with blankets, a drink, and you will also need pen and paper for journaling and working through the class practices, Taking care of your needs.

You might like to already bring to your awareness aspects of your life that are painful for you that you would like to reflect on during the programme.

Perhaps areas such as:

Finding time to do the things you would like to do
Ways you might like to bring more inner peace into your day​
How to relate to others who's outer expression is difficult for you to be around
Ways you would like to speak up for, stand up for, represent yourself
Ways in which you would just like to have it that your needs matter too
Ways to support the needs of others

Self-care and taking care of your vulnerability

Any dialogue during the class will be between myself and participants only.  So when you share your reflections of how a practice/teaching was for you it will be directly with me where I will support you in deepening your needs awareness around that.  This is in order to create a container where people feel free to share with the clarity of who will be responding.  I find that this brings a sweet balance of being held by the group with a sense of safety in the online environment.

Format of the class

Each class is 2 hours in length and start with a 'self connection check-in' where you have the opportunity to share how things are for you and how it's going for you implementing the content of the programme in your daily life.  There will be teaching (using slides therefore it's best to join the class on a laptop) and practice aspects and the opportunity to engage in a practice for the week ahead to integrate what you learn.  Each class ends with another opportunity to practice self-connection through a check-out.

Programme Support

Please feel free to email me during the programme with any questions, concerns or reflections you may have, and I also offer free 30 minute coaching sessions, one during and  one after the programme to support you with ongoing integration of what you have learnt during the programme.  Sometimes, approaching our needs touches into the inevitable difficulties we all go through in life and I hope that knowing that these two sessions are available to you during the programme gives you a sense of ease through knowing that the support is here.

Please print off these needs and feelings lists below to have handy beside you to support our work together. 

Needs Categories (1).png
Feelings When Needs Are Met.png
Feelings When Needs Are Met (1).png

Dates:  Thursdays: July 28th, 4th August, 11th August, 18th August 2022
Time:  6.00pm to 8.00pm GMT
The zoom link will be sent to you by email.