Compassionately Reclaiming Our Wildness


A four week programme February 2022
Tuesday 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd  6.00pm - 7.30pm GMT

Early relational experiences form and shape us.  We are hardwired for connection with others of our species and the natural world. We needed the neural scaffolding of safety and protection and human empathic right brain presence and holding in order to thrive.  However, many of us we were met with empathic failure, trauma and insecure attachment which was more than our young nervous systems could survive consciously.  

And so we dissociated from ourselves and our surroundings and a pattern of self-abandonment was established in order to survive.  As adults these habitual strategies come on line when we meet events in our lives that we find difficult and we can find ourselves in a cycle of inner and outer judgement and blame, numbing and shutting down in order to somehow navigate the pain that is held in our nervous system as a result of what we have endured.

This nervous system that has been through so much is at the same time the very vehicle through which you build your life and enter into relatedness.  And so for you to fully find your feet in the world as an adult, it asks you for your warm accompaniment and invites you to enter a healing relationship with it. To no longer self-abandon.

This programme will support you to enter healing empowerment and aliveness by: 

  • Establishing a befriending and healing relationship with your nervous system. The vehicle these young parts reach you through  

  • Build your capacity and window of tolerance for all the ways this young energy communicates with you in it's wild and energetic aliveness (often experienced as anxiety, panic, fear, grief, frustration, depression and overwhelm) as the messages around your needs reach you through a nervous system that has suffered much

  • Learning to listen for and bring clarity around the kinds of language and sensations they greet you with and and become a loving Elder, a mediator and translator so that you can respond to it with care, that through cultivating the language and thinking of nonjudgment you can end the inner and outer sense of fight in your body

  • Begin to orchestrate your life in a practical way around what supports your nervous system into a stable and warm relatedness with life

  • Understanding how your relationship with time affects your relationship with your inner landscape - and re-connecting with a pace of life and living that supports growth and inner warmth

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Why Slowing Down
Is Difficult


Date:  Tuesdays 1st, 8th, 15th 22nd February

Time:   6.00pm - 7.30pm GMT

Online via zoom

Cost of programme:  £99.00

(This course will not be recorded)