Cherry Blossoms

Resilience Through Compassion

Postponed to support Government guidelines, hoping to run this later in the year.



"I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive."

Joseph Campbell

What is your bliss? 


Knowing my 'bliss' is for me the root of my resilience through and from which I can leap off the cliff edge into a visceral sense of inner trust.  Trusting in what is meaningful and heartfelt for me, informs my intentions for life and becomes the ground from which I can act. A 'no matter what' place, a 'let fall what needs to fall' place.  A place where my truth resides. A kind of fulcrum around which the expression of my life can manoeuvre. And the only ground that gives me the courage to rise into my own authority and towards radical self care.

The first time it was brought to my awareness that we have needs I knew I was connected to my bliss, I felt alive. I met a 'life opening possibility' and I felt it in my body. Naming that need and putting my full attention on it, through a felt sense in my body in the present moment I experienced ease, relief and freedom. The first need that was 'guessed' for me was harmony.  And this is the moment the walk towards my 'bliss' was rekindled. Harmony and harmonising is my call, my work and my bliss.

There is a surprising and fertile purpose of our inner stirrings, of our somatic experiencing and it is to draw us nearer to our longings, our needs, our passions. From that place our unique voice can speak to us about our purpose and dreams and inspiration. That is the voice that calls us to follow our bliss. 


But the journey through the storm of inner experiencing requires great courage. Grief and conditioned ways of being are part of that journey.  This is where the warmth of compassion arrives as the medicine to accompany our courage.  This workshop will be an opportunity to practice ways to connect compassionately with our inner vitality and to rekindle that conversation 'what am I passionate about?', 'what prevailing dream visited me as a child that won't let me go' 'what pisses me off the most?' These are some of the enquiries that can lift the veil towards our true belonging and our resilient ground and they can reveal to us the words, choices and actions that are yet to be lived through us. 

Booking and Details:

Time: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Date: Postponed

Venue: St Luke's Therapy Centre Stroud Gloucestershire

Workshop Price: £75 (deposit/non-refundable £20 payable at point of booking)

Prior Learning/Experience: An understanding of Nonviolent Communication is a prerequisite for my workshops.  This can be through having read Marshall Rosenberg's Book 'Nonviolent Communication, A Language Of Life', the audio book is available on youtube, or having attended a foundation training in NVC.

Refreshments: Tea & Coffee / Soup and Bread Lunch provided (please bring and share some food if you would like to contribute other things for our meal together)

What to bring: Indoor shoes, favourite treats, blanket, and anything which supports your need for comfort.