The Surprising Healer


Online Class Monday 13th December 2021
Group (1) 10.00am - 12.00noon GMT Group (2) 6.00pm - 8.00pm GMT

It happened gradually, my noticing that my intuition was leading towards healing.  And now it's that pathway that brings me here with this class perhaps to support others who also feel the call to soften into present experience and to listen, just listen.

Something has happened in our culture to diminish and 'other' the human capacity for intuition.  In my view this is also connected to the hostility towards and abandonment of our mammalian instincts and somatic experience and the paradigm of 'right and wrong'.

A return to a relationship, a friendship, with our intuition requires a conscious compassionately warming journey through listening to the transmitted messages flowing through our bodies.  Just like long ago when we were attuned to the wilderness for safety, shelter, food and belonging.

Most of us were not taught this relationship, and for most of us bringing our conscious awareness to our bodies can feel uncomfortable  as the shaky and lost parts of ourselves call for integration.

It is my experience however that the only road to a sense of safety, of belonging and of being able to hear and trust intuition is through this path of emotional courage.  To feel the life force within our somatic experience in order to receive the intelligence and care it has been holding carefully for us, awaiting our return.

My intention for this class is to support you to:
Connect to your intuition through identifying your needs

Bring some understanding of why that can be so difficult to do and clarity about what we meet somatically whilst we try

To wonder about what has happened to the human species that has made connecting to our intuition so difficult and even fearful
Practice and explore the connecting link between our somatic experience and intuition (feeling our feelings)
How understanding the science of compassion brings agency and permission to re-connect with somatic experience in order to cultivate a warm relationship with it

Learning the process of relaxing into interconnectedness whilst embodying the skills of of patience and grace

The relationship between healing and intuition through it's main vehicles 'creativity' and 'the wild things'

Moving from an  habitual relationship of supressing and abandoning our intuition into a natural innate connection with it where it can be all it is meant to be for us in our daily practical lives

Bookings close on the 12th December 2021