The Younger Part Of You Is Tugging At Your Sleeve!

So much of what we experience as inner discomfort, pain, suffering and reactivity has it's origins in the memories held in our nervous systems of how we were not met with warmth when we were a young vulnerable new and innocent human being. The tracks of those experiences can particularly be re-awakened in the present when our environment, and the people in it, fail to meet us with the warmth and holding and understanding we are longing for. This 'failure' is the natural consequence of a kind of cultural lobotomy that has taken place when it comes to having any access to our wholehearted life force, instincts and inner wisdom. However, it is in that very place that compassion seeds are sown and the capacity for love and living wholeheartedly takes root.

And so, within the process of Self Compassion there often appears that young part of us, finally calling out to be brought into warm holding. I sense that the young part of me is my wise counsellor (that ol' gut feeling!). She knows when I am in a situation that might not be loving towards myself and conversely lets me know when I am fully in a place of self love and fulfillment. She speaks to me through my nervous system, where the tracks of childhood trauma live and breathe, and where I can sense homeostasis when it is ignited ~ I see this process as the human dashboard that speaks to me of my levels of wellbeing and safety.

At present, I am enjoying 'teaching' these complex, mysterious and vastly researched and philosophised aspects of our humanness, perhaps unusually, through making videos. So here it is if you would like to watch it.

"Compassionate Conversation With Your 'Younger Self'.

Clare O'Sullivan

Compassionate Communication Facilitator And Coach


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