The Spider - Protection Within Flow Of Life

Can you see him tucked between the tulip petals? He's been there for a few days. Perhaps at night he has a wander about looking for food, or maybe even during the day, but between the white sheets of the tulip he finds shelter, comfort protection and safety. The pot of tulips was a gift from a friend, I then put it outside my front door in the middle of a city (no garden), and in the blink of an eye the insects spotted the tulip as a temporary home. I'm just so glad. And likewise in the clematis flower there is a wee dweller as well, a tiny fly, he/she has also been there for days. Can you just about see his/her wings tucked into the centre of the flower?

It gives me so much joy that an act through me contributes to another being. My deep human need to contribute towards the flow of life on earth. This was a single flower on a recovering plant from all my house moves (thank you to my dear friends that minded these for me!), and sure enough, it's a gift to this little fella. There was a time when noticing this would have been outside my sphere of awareness due to my disassociation from my bodily senses. I trust the path of compassionate resonance as a conduit to this opening into life.


Our violent actions as a species are the consequences of a hardening that has taken place in most humans on earth for hundreds of years. A hardening and protection that makes it possible to be violent to each other and to all inhabitants of the earth. I recently came across some beautiful compassionate work being undertaken in a donkey/animal sanctuary in Spain. The donkeys live the most wonderful life there now, but some of them lived in tiny sheds and were only brought out at festivals, given alcohol and then mocked by onlookers.

People, a hardening has taken place in our species, a hardening that has desensitised us from sensing the sacredness of the beautiful life in all beings. It's origins dwell in the necessary protective forces we needed to build in our psychology and somatic bodily defenses in order to survive in this world where the broad spectrum of our own human makeup was not wanted, and it continues today. The rupture of self-connection, the rupture of natural giving and receiving, the rupture of interconnectedness.

However, I believe that it is the arrival and reclaiming of our embodied somatic sensing that brings these riches to us and enables capacity to 'see' and to 'sense' and therefore consider the needs of other beings, two legged, four legged, winged. Not with a left brain sorting out what aspect of nature it is and storing up orderly information, but a seeing with our whole being, a call from the elements towards a natural warm compassionate embodied interconnectedness and response.

I see this as the gift of the hungry call of the hardened places. The movement between protection and life flow. The gift of softening through compassionate presence. This doorway was not open to me earlier in my life. It has been a long path of resonance with the truth of how it is to be me in any given moment, with all the traces of trauma in my body, so that I can enter a river-flow of warmth at the source of my humanity. It's a minute by minute delicate balance of the need for protection of vulnerability within the flow of life.

Spider, fly, show us the way!

Clare O'Sullivan


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