I wonder what sanctuary means to you? What is your hibernating posture?

Is there a place in your life, a moment, an hour, a day, where your body can rest and know that it's ok to just be and to restore it's frazzled nerves as it navigates all the challenges of being in a body in this culture where most humans are walking around with unregulated (not warmed through) nervous systems. A space that is not numbed by food, technology, substances or addiction to being busy? A space of allowing whatever inner mysteries are seeking your accompaniment?

On waking into the day, how do we put our feet on the floor with any ease, as we hold in our systems the shock of being in a world that doesn't know the sacredness of what it is to be human. We wake to a world where humans are desensitised to the natural world and to the felt sense of each other. How on earth do we begin our day when the suffering is so immense? And where is our shelter within that?

To me, the only sane way to begin the day is to embrace the truth. That there is so much suffering and destruction at the hands of our species, and for me at least, I want to hold this in my consciousness. That I am part of this mess and so are my ancestors. I want to be willing to say yes to what is, may it be a softening portal to the love that I believe is possible. I believe there is a need to mourn the demise of our potential as powerful loving beings. To be part of the reformation of our species.

I know and see the fullness of what is possible when we give and receive naturally, from the heart, at the foot of tears, ours and others through mourning. I have noticed how animals love our tears. Perhaps in that moment they know we have come home to them through our softening animal body, perhaps we are one in that place, perhaps they know this grief and it's inherent wisdom much more reverently than we do, and perhaps we can carry each other from that hallowed ground. One of my first blogs was a dialogue with a hedgehog I 'rescued' and I know it was through tears and 'doing nothing' that he called me close to him, warmth opened out in my body and we were entwined in our natures. Thank you dear Hedgehog, I love you, always will, wherever you are.

Medicine is truly needed now, that medicine is love. And by the way, love isn't something we give and take, it's something we inhabit through still presence and allowing. The moment we put our feet on the floor at the start of the day, to outstretch our arms and say 'I am here, I hear you, and I am present to what is'. However fierce the force of it is on our bodies. To break our hearts open to love. Guys, it's calling anyway, we might as well get on with it!

This is sanctuary to me, the truth, that from that solid ground I can reach into the fiery essence of my being, allow myself to exist, listen to what is needed both for my own sacred life to thrive and come into fullness and that of all sacred lives and living things.

As much as food and water are needs, so are Mourning and Rest. So rest my friend, and allow safe passage for the fullness of life through you. Perhaps there are choices you could make today that honour the sacredness of your need for sanctuary, for integration and soul mediation, for inhabiting this one precious life. For me, this is something worth 'fighting' for, knowing the loving boundaries that protect and nurture you, that enable you to radiate the fullness of who you are and your essence, so that it can be used as strength to nourish the seeds of your offerings of service in the world. To stand firmly and radiantly on the earth as You.

"To pathologize the experience of grief is a work against nature. The grief process may not have an endpoint or state of resolution, where we "finish" and land in some untouchable place. The heart is endless, and grief may be a companion for the duration of a life – not so much a process as a non-linear, unfolding partner. It moves not by way of straight line, but by that of circle and spiral." "Even if we no longer grieve the sense of personal loss, we may be asked to grieve for the ancestors, the ones who have yet to come, and the earth and her fertility. As it humbles and purifies, it opens a portal into the mystery." Matt Licata

I would like to draw this blog to a close by sharing this video below with you. For me, it provides sanctuary. It is called Arrival, and surely that is what life is about, arrival into the fullness of life and what's 'real' and perhaps graceful leaving. When I listen to it I feel held by a warmth of belonging that is remembered in my bones. A bow of gratitude to Douglas Spotted Eagle, his blending of musical traditions speaks to my Western Soul.

My love with you, my heart to yours, through my words, may they provide some shared reality in these times.


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