Not Waiting For Life To Get Better

For me there is something so exhausting in hoping that tomorrow things will 'get better'. Yes I can make decisions and exercise choice daily to create the life I long for. And, I'm so sick of the effort and energy that it takes to label today as 'imperfect' and the grasping of a time that may never come in the future. A sense that my nervous system and my body just want me to come home now!

My life has been sorely impacted by Coronavirus (like so many others), one might think that I have every right to focus on things getting 'better'. I can remember as a child waiting for that time, which never came no matter how much I begged 'god' to come to my rescue. I just don't want to live like that any more.

So I want to greet this moment and the flooding of life force through me in whatever form or shape it takes and to say yes to it, to trust it as my companion with thousands of life filled signals for me about how to live, how to love, how to be and how to contribute.

I have launched my Sense Of Life YouTube Channel and posted this video below, my conversation with an Aspen Tree. This tree has accompanied me through recent days of grief and loneliness, recent challenges, recent loves and recent celebrations, and my intention for sharing and creating it is as an offering of softness to you in the present and an act of gratitude to the tree, that her voice may be more widely received. It's a window into what I experience as the wisdom and beauty that is there for us in this world through the pathway of compassionate dialogue and on the threshold of 'not knowing'. This is the practice of the opening and re-sensitisng of the 'listening' apparatus that is our whole body and soul. An offering to address the 'Separation Sickness' of our times. The dialogue I speak of is a constant one with inner experience and reactivity and a deep listening to what life wants to share with us.

Please feel free to share this with someone you sense might be nourished by it.

And finally, I would like to offer here the latest blog post from Matt Licata whose words speak so clearly of the this kind of courageous opening. Boundary And Compassion.

With love,


(photos by me)


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