Growing a thick 'translucent' skin

Vulnerability And Power - The Art Of Allowing Life To Impact You

I just heard a woman on the radio say that she went for a walk on the Downs (rounded grass covered hills in Southern England) and her son said to her, isn't that lark wonderful to hear. She couldn't hear it. Age had diminished her capacity to hear this most magnificent sound.

I find myself moved to tears. Oh what a loss, something in me said "I couldn't bear it!". Of all the losses I have been through, and through the softening path of grief, I have grown a translucent skin through which the sound of the skylark is one of my great pleasures. This woman's story put 'reality' once again into sharp relief for me. That all I have is today, with my nervous system as it is given the life I have lived and through which I experience life - and also the treasures that are the beauty and heartbreak, all at once, of all that is alive around me.

When we build protection against the parts of life that we experience as hard, when we say 'no' to those parts, the bits we 'don't want', we are also hardening ourselves from the skylark. And so, the softening path living life through the truth of how our bodies respond to it, given all we have been through, embracing our vulnerability, the tender art of allowing life to impact us begins. Cultivating the skill of self compassion when it hurts, to continue the softening self love process that means we can remain open to receiving all the ways life wants to reach us.

It's a way of living wholeheartedly through choice with a sweet blend of boundaried self care. The power to build an authentic life through vulnerability.

Clare O'Sullivan

Self Compassion/Compassionate Communication Facilitator

Sense Of Life


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