Finding Mellow Ground At Home In Your Own Body

From years of bodily disassociation to self-connected harmony

There is no refuge for us. To be human is to be vulnerable, to have a body is to be vulnerable. No matter how much certainty you attempt to build around you, there is nothing you or I can do to change that. It is the same for every sentient life form.

Humans are hell bent on 'guarding' against this truth though, with neatly fenced in constructed lives, and oh how I dream of this unattainable shelter too. But the fact still remains the same. And you and I both know that life will visit us if not today, at some point, with it's fierce rearranging force dismembering all we hold dear, and it will do so repeatedly by way of invitation. In my experience the dissolving impact of these visitations supports a respect and reverence for and revealing of the inner majesty and miracle that would otherwise lie dormant within us.

The only continuity and medicine to bend and sway with this powerful force is loving self-connection. Self-connection is a human need. It's our 'True North'. That sense of 'I am here, I can feel and sense me in my body and all that is alive here'. So that as things become unstuck around us or within us, we have a handhold which supports courage.

The snails in my garden, in their graceful movement, continue to offer me accompaniment and comfort and guidance somehow on graceful movement, on how to inhabit my body. They actually cover long distances with seemingly very little effort! For me, it's an invitation to regularly check in with the pace of my physical movement, even as I prepare vegetables for my soup. Oh bliss, oh the mellowness of embodied self-connection. No 'demand' to be in the present, but an invitation to be here, all of me to be here living in presence. A life times work having spent so many years in disassociation.

Why not experiement with this as you enter activity in your day, playing with the pace of movement and embodied engagement of your senses, finding that sweet spot of harmony and mellowness for you? I'm wondering too if you feel called to crouch down and say hi to a snail near you?

Clare O'Sullivan

Self-Compassion Teacher & Coach


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