Don't just do something, sit there....

What feeling state will you do just about anything to avoid?

How can I ever thank you dear doggies, for the warmth I feel welling up in my heart and body, for the peace that descends into every cell of my being, as I say yes to this invitation to spend time here together without demand, without expectation, without names. You permit me to be here in shared space with you and I invite myself to just 'be', to not rush in to connection with you with my affection or demands, but to allow you to connect with me, if and when you would like to and permit myself to do the same. To allow you to somehow let me know if you would like a rub or a pet or a few words or just the quickest of glances and acknowledgement of your beauty and mine. I do feel beautiful here with you, full of beauty, my persona drops away and brings relief, a presence of non judgment. A deepening mood of contentment.

I sense that what you like most is for me to breathe and receive life and offer life. Looking at these photos now I am in direct bodily memory of this time together so the gift continues to flow for me weeks later. I have met other dogs since this day and cows and pigs and I offer them this same accompaniment, and receive theirs. It's as if my body is plumped up with water and love.

Don't just DO something, SIT THERE!

I have been blessed to be surrounded by teachers in one form or another to support me to breathe into and embrace the things I don't want to feel, the things that I fear I will never return from 'sane' if I feel them. Just want to say this is the most direct 'method' I have found so far. A place of 'not doing anything' and allowing myself to be in the presence of animals, insects and plants and mosses and rivers. I believe that through the path I have taken with the embodiment of compassion a portal has opened and softened the walls that have kept me from this interconnectedness that has been waiting to embrace me fully, all this time. I was embraced and held by all of this as a child, I am coming home again.

So, my friends, if this touches you, if some cells in your own body are sparkling with a yes to what you are reading. I am here offering my work in different ways, choose one and come and join me.

With so much love in my heart today and a visceral experience of gratitude in my body for this 'resilience' whatever that is, whatever my ancestors have bequeathed me, that I am growing capacity to feel my feelings and access my life force and creativity and my 'product' of service for the world.



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