An INFJ Is Born

(An Introverted Intuitive Empath)

Photo by Jorgland

She was wide-eyed and thrilled to be here, resplendent just in being in her body and shining her light brightly for whoever might enjoy it. And word has it that when she was very little and out for a walk with her big sister everyone used to stop and say how beautiful she was and by that I'm pretty sure it was her being they were enjoying, her light as it filled her eyes and physical body.

The tragedy is that in 1963 the world was not shaped for this beauty. She should have been met with great celebration. Finally this particular blend of humanness has arrived. She's the one who will lead us. She's the one we must 'school' in the ways of compassionate living. She's the one who will hold us in the in-between space, the unknown space. She's the one who will find the way when we are lost in the woods because she has taken in every leaf and branch intuitively. She will be the peace creator because she knows that everyone's needs are interdependent. She is the one who will hold hands with others in all their broken heartedness.

The nurturing of this Intuitive Introvert would have looked very different to what she actually met and faced. She would have been tutored by other intuitives in the ways of interconnectedness and the language of the wild things. She would have sat around many fires and witnessed her elders hold others as they express the pain of what it is to be in a human mammalian body. She was born with the same healing medicine as them and she would have been taught how to harness it, grow it and use it for the good of all life.

What she actually met was violence and a process of shaming that would put her light out for many years. She would reach for it constantly, she would never give up doing that, but instead she was asked to bend with the repeated pain of grief, loss, rejection and unbelonging. She was shredded apart through witnessing her beloved people and wild things beaten and made to submit to a way of being that is abhorrent to them.

But she will rise because she knows that her particular incarnation is what the earth is calling for now and she will connect with others who are built like her so that the way can be re-membered together and build strength together.

Today, all I ever want to do is be still and silent and reside in the resplendence I arrived with, to shine my light for whoever might enjoy it.. So, to all INFJ's, I love you. I'm so sorry you were not nurtured in the ways that are innate to you. Our rareness on the planet is our pain and also our call to sharing our medicine in equal measure.

Clare O'Sullivan


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