A Gnome A Day - Journey To Softness


During a talk with a friend about the process of creativity, in this particular case my call to make GNOMES, she said to me that the gnomes just don't get what we humans are about and are amazed by our stupidity. I thought yeah!. What I loved about this is that it took ME down a peg or two. I reflected actually how tiny we are as a race in the grand scheme of things. And I'm pretty sure that it is this disconnected notion that we are 'big' that leads to so much pain on our planet.

And so I lay a pathway now for the Gnomes to communicate with me. Here they are in this photo brining me a felt (haha, just noticed the pun there..felt) sense of the warmth of friendship and closeness. Viscerally.

Christmas was horribly painful for me, couldn't hardly breathe through the pain of it, the agony of what isn't around me, the life I dreamed of, that I thought would be, shattered dreams and the agony of loneliness. The natural process of mourning. An experience that I imagine was commonplace for many of us this year. And so, through it, I made a Gnome (the one in the red hat above).

Gnomes love to be busy and industrious, and today I hear the message that they want to help me with the growth of my work. So, you will see them popping up here and there within my offerings, they want to let me know that I am not alone and that they love me and want to support the softening of humans that I dream daily of. It's their dream too.

You can follow my Gnomie A Day journey, I will be posting about it on my Sense Of Life Facebook page.



And you might be asking me, where does the self compassion come in. Well, I have lived through and witnessed terrible life threatening violence in my early years. This has left an indelible mark on my limbic and nervous system which is constantly on high alert for danger. I now love these parts of me so much, I fully understand their sweet message, but they arrive to me through deep physical sensations that tell me to run. Their call is for warmth of understanding and compassion. So, when I invite my vulnerability and intuition this is what is triggered. The question arises 'Clare! What are you doing entering your vulnerability, surely it isn't safe, you gotta keep a look out!'. So, in order to sit at my desk and cut out felt and glue and sew, I am asked to approach this state with all the love I can muster (the human softening process), and to embrace the needs/longings that are calling...safety, tenderness, warmth, touch, rest, understanding, harmony and many more.

Till soon, Clare.


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