'You're Too Needy'
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What Happened To Us?

How empathic presence softens and eases emotional suffering, altering the pain of it into something bittersweet and in a way that we can incorporate it into our lives.  Through this softening it is then possible to intuit/hear what we are needing in the present moment and brings focus and courage to make the choices that will support our growth and wellbeing and empowerment

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What Happened To Us? Part 2

Here I speak of the dissociation that has taken place for humans from the 'felt sense' in their bodies, the origins and causes of this and the terrible effects this has on our emotional pain and choice in how we respond to it.  How the 'right and wrong' paradigm prevalent in our culture is embedded in our thinking and language and is at the root of this dissociation.

I explore how empathic presence is the tool and the balm that returns us back to the possibility of connection with our felt experience which then supports us to connect to the life force, vitality and intelligence in our needs.

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Every Action - No Matter How Tragic

 Is An Attempt To Meet A Need

Every action no matter how tragic is an attempt to meet a need.  A radical statement. 
That humans are the sum of two parts, the outcome of our upbringing and at the centre of that we were all innocent beings starting out with a full heart and dreams to bring about.

I share the power of these two phrases that moves our world view from right and wrong, good and evil toward 'both/and' and also 'no wonder'.  That without condoning the violence among our species we can view it through the lens of compassion that no wonder given the circumstances, the violence takes place and that it's both possible for the violence to exist and at the same time to be witness to the human being at it's centre.