This class is for you if you want to take your life into your hands and use it. Perhaps this is even more ripe for you having lived through the recent lockdown?  It's for you if honouring that hunger calls you daily yet seems out of reach amidst the rising fear and anxiety that you sense in your body at the thought of becoming visible, being seen and heard, speaking up and making things happen.  It's for you if you are curious about your inner hell-raiser that has had enough and would quite like to offer a different view, different approach and maybe even a bridge to others to enter the fullness of life. 



My intention is to accompany you with a compassionate holding container as you invite stillness at this threshold.  The point where you enter the current of life between all your yesterdays and the tomorrows that may be yours.  And once you are standing at that vibrant precipice, to engage in that one intimate conversation with yourself that is waiting for you.  Where you cultivate a heartfelt listening presence through the written word. The tools being stillness, compassionate presence and your pen. And so, the echoes of your Impossible Dream greet you once again, asking for permission to find ground in your life.

I recently felt relief when I met the possibility of viewing my life as a Pilgrimage Of Identity.  Not just the 'who am I' from birth, but who am I after all my choices, loves and losses, endeavours and mess ups. A heart presence with the terrible ache of grief that grips me daily, unbearable at times, "I cannot bear the tears to fall", the terror of showing up, and the field of courage that seems to offer itself up to me when I say 'yes' to the full spectrum. I have found that, in order to bring about my core gift to the world it takes the fertile ground of resignation and humility to embrace what is.  And through that alchemical embrace of the intense aliveness, I am gifted with whatever the next tender step is.  To choose full embodiment instead of disassociation and disembodiment.


Phase 1: Arrival

Initial present moment arrival coaching with Clare to establish the inner holding pattern of heart-based listening and welcoming

Phase 2: Guidance

Presentation by Clare on the theme of Pilgrimage Of Identity & The Impossible Dream

Phase 3: Journaling

Moving into the journaling phase of the class, in solitude, cultivating that hospitality at the threshold for all that wishes to be met by your welcoming warm embrace

Phase 4: Coaching Capsule With Clare

This phase of the class is an opportunity for you to share directly with me what is precious to you in your exploration, what you have given birth to, what you have midwifed into being.  To have it newly seen and received by another and by the willing silent hearts of other participants.  A chance for you to spread your wings, to land as a swan in water into the river flow of your life's essence and your life's call, and to have Clare catch the essence back to you in a compassionate embrace.

4 Week Pilgrimage:

I encourage participants to see this class as a 4 week pilgrimage of exploration of identity and impossible dreams and I will be offering suggestions for activities between the classes to support you to stay close to the path of revelation.  In my own work I find that keeping a graceful grip on the golden thread of my intuition strengthens the conversation over time.  The call of embodied commitment to self.


Thursdays : 22nd & 29th April and 6th and 13th of May 6.00pm to 7.30pm GMT


Platform:  Online via Zoom      Class Fee: £100.00

A Facebook Group Will Run Alongside The Class