• Pre-course diagnostic meeting with me - to explore what are you longing to cultivate where you work and hear about what I am offering  and where the twain shall meet.

  • Pre-course reading:  I recommend these two books so support a knowledge base for the work we will undertake.  Marshall Rosenberg's book is also available as an audio book on youtube, ya can listen to it in the car!:

  • Coffee and Compassion - I offer a free introductory morning where I come to meet you all, and begin the trust process with me.  This is my offering so that you can check if you would like to invest your time and resources in this work

  • Time commitment is 4 1/2 days spanning over four months

  • Those who join do so through free choice and out of  curiosity and as much wholehearted willingness as possible.

  • This work is 'counter culture', inviting us to soften our reactivity and live wholeheartedly through vulnerability.  It is not about conflict resolution, not a platform for mediation of current troubles.  This is an offering, that with time and commitment will create an ecology where everyone's needs matter and through that alchemy everyone feels free to innovate, contribute and risk to bring the best results for any group project.

  • The HOW of it: I bring this work through group workshops using practical exercises, discussion groups, sharings, and time for contemplation.  I hope you will call me in to bring the ways and means towards wholehearted living so that you can be authentic, wherever you find yourself and bring what it is you want to contribute to your work.  This is 'embodied' work and the most resilient people are connected to their body (ref. Brene Brown/Viktor Frankl)

Brave Work,

Tough Conversations,

Whole Hearts

Behind every action however ineffective, tragic, violent or abhorrent to us is an attempt to meet a need.



A Declaration Of Interdependence

Workplace  Relationships - Visioning Board - Where are we going from - to?

Exploring the origins of blame and meeting it's antidote

The Language and Consciousness of Compassion

Down-regulating defensiveness (what is 'reactivity')

There's no such thing as 'negative emotions' or 'unwanted thoughts'

Understanding the purpose of needs (aka longings values)

The role of needs in relationship

What is trust

Cultivating trust through vulnerability



The Power Of Empathy

Empathic medicine - the prescription details (the most powerful connecting and trust building tool we have)

What empathy isn't - the intrusion that 'helping' can be

Don't just 'do' something, be there - the role of  fixing/sorting/analysing/

Self - Response - Ability  through the portal of  empathy

Nobody can 'make' you feel anything

Intention in Connection



Honesty Without Harm


Giving a Piece Of Your Mind to Speaking A Piece Of Your Heart

"Never believe what someone else thinks about you"  Marshall Rosenberg

The skill of making requests to make life wonderful for all

Self Worth - You Matter

Authenticity Transparency and Showing Up

Feeling relaxed in relationship



Maintaining A Compassionate Ecology

Understanding Choice

What gets in the way of imagining we have choice

Powerful Boundaries

Flattening The Power Structure

Maintaining a compassionate ecology - revisiting the vision board

Resilience Through Self Generated Compassion




'Making Sense' of things through judging others

Blaming others and fault finding



Self Criticism

Responding through reactivity






Fighting for our needs from a place of scarcity

Hustling for power over each other

Strategies through compromise

Shame and shaming


Honesty motivated by shame anger or fear


Experiencing pain by how others treat us



Discharging Emotions



Mistrust, doubt and uncertainty


Managing ‘unwanted’ behaviours



Get over it/let it go



Organisational Hierarchy



'Hooked’ by certain behaviours


People pleasing and diminishing ourselves in order to belong and stay 'safe'


Vulnerability as weakness



'Making Sense' of things through empathic connection with self and others

Self response-ability and generous assumptions of others

Self acceptance through empathic resonance

Responding through choice, personal power, authenticity and transparency

Self responsibility and authenticity. Allowing ourselves to be impacted by life

Creatively discovering strategies where everybody's needs matter

Power with each other


Strategies through needs based dialogue

Supporting Self worth and worthiness through the skill of empathy

Honesty motivated by authenticity, transparency and connection


Understanding and respecting our vulnerability and teaching others how we would like to be treated

Fully sensing emotions as a pathway to self understanding and growth of connection and belonging

Growing trust through reciprocal vulnerability over time

Modelling and cultivating ways of being in alignment with your values

Respect for the truth of everyone’s experience. Self kindness and kindness to others


Flattening the hierarchy through interdependence and collaboration

Knowing when we are ‘hooked’ and having choice in how we respond

Cultivating mutual respect through boundary setting. Belonging through self acceptance and self worth


Vulnerability as the portal for trust belonging, creativity and connection