Thursday 24th June 2021
9.30am to 11.30am (GMT) Session 1
6.00pm to 8.00pm (GMT) Session 2

What is the antidote to exhaustion?

This class will explore the answers to this question.  As a species we are so often disassociated from our bodies as it speaks to us about how it's doing. We have lost the art of the kind of self-connection that is the foundation of our wellbeing and also how to maintain it.  The need for self-care, self-respect, self-worth can be out of our reach.  We might not even be aware that we are exhausted until a state of mental, emotional and physical collapse forces us to listen.  We live in an anti-human culture and I believe that exhaustion is a truly valid response for our nervous systems have. The human sentient life wasn't meant to be this way.


The purpose of this class will be about:

  1. Body dialogue - how to cultivate compassionate self-connection

  2. Befriending of our energy levels from a place of 'I get you' as they communicate to us about our needs - building trust with our body's wisdom - the compassionate antidote

  3. Exploring the continuum that is rest -v- exhaustion and learning to recognise where you we are on the scale at any given moment

  4. Hear and accompany the beliefs and language we engage with in relation to exhaustion

  5. Understand why we say 'yes' to things that deplete us further (boundary growth)

  6. The human + nature medicinal connection

  7. Design interventions to support your body and it's need for rest going forward (your antidote)

Format Of Class:

  1. Welcome and  a compassionately grounding and warming meditation (15mins)

  2. Check-in - hearing a little about what brought you to the class and what you might like to bring about in your life in relation to your experience of exhaustion & rest (for those who would like to share) (15mins)

  3. Teaching interspersed with practical exercises and sharing findings (bring your pen and paper) (1hr)

  4. Check-out for those who would like to share their findings from their journey through the class (15mins)

  5. Summary and closing with self-compassion practice (15 mins)

Class Etiquette

I am very aware of how hard it can be for sensitive intuitives/quiet loving folk to be with other humans and especially in the unpredictable world of online encounters. Over the years of facilitating vulnerability and courage in groups I have learnt that certain 'etiquette' supports a sense of safety.    My intention is to create an online space where  the sharing of vulnerability is seen as a sacred act and to replicate a sense of sitting around a warm fire together in a contemplative way. I would ask all those who join the class to:

  • Have their video on during the arrival and ending parts of the session. Our soft animal bodies and the sensors in our skin innately seek human physical warmth, they don't understand what's happening through the technology, and therefore I believe it supports a sense of safety to see each others faces.  As close a sense of touch as we can manage through a computer!

  • If you need to leave the class mid way (might happen) to pass a message to the group through the chat box, again, this is about care for that 'golden thread' of connection

  • All participants microphones will be muted to support quiet, unless speaking directly with me.  I am aware that those who like quiet oftentimes find interruptions difficult, so the muting also supports a sense of safety that participants nervous systems can lean into

The cost of the class is £26.50 bookings will close on the Wednesday 23rd of June 5pm (GMT)