Approaching your inner sense of life as a pathway to a sense of safety and self-empowerment.

Perhaps you are longing to talk about all that is alive for you, have it heard and witnessed without judgement, analysis, advice, fixing or sorting or a sense of having to 'get somewhere'. The space I offer is where I will walk alongside you as you find ways to speak to all that you are holding in yourself and in your life.  A kind of 'sense making' that is cultivated through the willingness to walk towards the precipice of not knowing and allow life to reveal itself to you. 


The 'tool' I use is to cultivate and embody the skill of Self-Compassion.  The 'science of safety'  is to be found in the daily noticing of how life impacts your nervous system, trusting it's integral and foundational wisdom and creating a life where what it needs, what it speaks to you about, is heard and responded to.  It's through reacquainting yourself with the truth of how it is to be you and how life impacts you in any given moment.    

I have two main focuses; I will be listening out for your longings and helping you to hear them and I will be inviting you to sense what's alive in your body as you share your story. It's a process of embodiment, forming solid ground from which to move through life. My sense is that through this practice, agency for the fulfillment of our lives and for responding to our 'call' is cultivated. 

If you are interested in exploring working with me, I offer a free 30 minute session so you can experience me and my work. 

Sessions are an hour long and cost £55.00.