"Wholesome autonomy is healthy freedom. It includes both independence and interdependence.  We are our own. And we serve others from the profundities of our distinctive way of being and perceiving the world around us".

Sometimes Enough Is Enough, Marsha Sinetar


"It is up to each person to recognise his or her true preferences"

Isabel Briggs Myers


Not another flippin story Clare?!


I grew up in the 70's and 80's where hitchin a lift was the normal thing to do and such an adventure.  I can remember getting the hell out of Dublin (dodge) and hitchin to County Wicklow at 18 years of age where I used to volunteer in a peace and reconciliation centre that brought young people from North and South together.  My 'calling' was evident from the moment I became conscious of my father's pain, and the longing for peace and ease was like a gnawing ache I could do nothing about until later in my life.  

So, I know I am needed in this world because the likes of me will never appear again and the world is blessed in a particular unique way by 'Clare's essence'.  So, honour your individuality, listen to it, answer it's call in whatever way you can, let it nourish you and others.  May this tool support a fullness of awareness of how you are made and the vessel through which you are bringing your scared contribution.

I write to you here, having woken this morning 25th July 2020 to such a weight of sadness and a kind of panic and smothering in my system.  I know this call, it's as if something is trying to burst forth through me and it needs me to help it find the way.  So I packed up me laptop bag and went to a cafe where the tea and toast is cheap and the staff are warmhearted.  As I drove here I saw two goldfinches on the telephone wire, I felt my heart burst open with joy.  I celebrate that I am learning to respond to the messages in my body and to find the tender ways to cajole it towards life.  Understanding my 'type' has brought so much self compassion into my heart and it has enabled me to experience the same towards my father, I sense I am his flesh and bone.


The Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator Tool was designed using Carl G. Jung's psychological type theory.  It is based on his observations that differences in behaviour result form people's inborn tendencies to use their minds in different ways. The 'type' represents a dynamic energy system with interacting processes.   There is no 'right' or 'wrong' preference. 


For me, I find this way of approach links beautifully with cultivating compassion.  I never found it 'boxed me in' but rather supported me to breathe in. It is a 'for the moment' hypothesis (the results of the questionnaire is 75% accurate), so it's a bit like trying on some clothes to see how they fit and exploring this for the rest of your life. My awareness of type and my innate makeup informs me around how to care for myself (self compassion), commitment to a work that is in total alignment with my gifts and a growing spaciousness and understanding (compassion for others) of people who have a different type to me.  



I certified as a practitioner of the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator many years ago during my work as a personal development trainer in the National Health Service.  Over the years I have mentioned it to those I have met through my embodying compassion work and have been asked if I might introduce it to them.  So here I am saying yes to that.  The MBTI tool has definitely helped me to grow ease around the deadening strategy that I might 'have control' over another person and what they do,  and helped me to live in the paradigm 'you can't make anybody do anything - and if you try to do that it only leads to suffering'.   That is the fundamental premise of Nonviolent Communication. 



Undertaking the offical Myers Briggs Questionnaire and following this up with a 'best fit' feedback session with me will bring you information that enhances self-understanding (why you like to do things the way you do things), your motivation, your natural strengths and your potential challenges and areas for self growth.  It also supports understanding and deep appreciation of people who differ from you.  Through this journey I have found that there is a growing self worth, self acceptance and a seat of wholesome autonomy and agency, by fully leaning into how I am made so that I can contribute to the world through the portal that is me. To belong to this earth for my uniqueness, not through the portal of making myself small enough so that I 'fit in' to belong.



I suggest that you get the clearest result from the tool if you don't inform yourself about the types before taking the questionnaire.  The questionnaire skillfully asks you many questions in many different ways to tease out your preferences.  But by undertaking the questionnaire with gusto and free flow of thought and musings. A bow of gratitude now for Katherine Cook Briggs (1875-1968) and Isabel /Briggs Myers (1897 -1980) the authors of the MBTI.

I work with individuals and I'd also love to work with teams supporting compassionate understanding around types.  So, if you are interested to find out more about how the process works, please get in touch with me.