Cultivating The Art Of

Self Connection And Self Compassion

Through Reflective Journaling



This is a series of two online classes to cultivate the skills of self connection and self compassion through the process of reflective journaling.

I have come to the process of journaling in the last year or two after years of finding it irritating and impossible.  Now, it is the friend I turn to to make sense of life, especially when something very tough has happened in my day. It has also become an act of deep self care. It doesn't replace the care I would love from the outer world, but it is becoming the act of self resonance I have always longed for, the act of willingness to be a soft landing place for my'self'.


In my experience of sharing these classes and participating in them myself, my nervous system seems to relax, has a sense that it's ok to dwell in that intuitive space and allow life to meet me in whatever way it chooses.  It is an alive space, not necessarily an 'easy' space. And so the skill of self compassion is cultivated to welcome home all those parts of ourselves that may have been outcast; the sad part, the playful part, the creative part, the passionate part, the pissed off part, the 'no bullshit barometer part' and then some. 

Who Is The Class for?


Perhaps you.....

  • Are hungry to draw close to and are curious about your inner experience 

  • Would like to cultivate your intuition

  • Would like to approach yourself with softness and tenderness

  • Would like to listen to yourself

  • Experience fear and dread when asked to slow down in the present moment

  • Would like to cultivate a form of 'sense making' about your inner experience

  • Want to write a journal but have struggled to get off the starting block

  • Are used to journaling but would like to try something new by writing within a community of others

It may particularly be a place for those who describe themselves as sensitive intuitives (INFJ's/INFP's in the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator), those who feel life and sense life deeply through their nervous system. 

Shape Of The Class

I will start the class with an introduction/teaching section/reflection, this will lead into a 20 minute journaling phase with me offering a reflective question to start the process off, and then a group coaching/Q & A session to finish.

It also includes a private Facebook Community Group (membership is optional of course) where you can share your thoughts, ideas, experiences with others during the two weeks and where I will respond/share also.   And I will also be available by email for any questions you may have throughout.


Purpose of the class

  • To approach the threshold between the outer and inner worlds you experience

  • To cultivate self compassion towards your inner experience (no right or wrong, no fixing or sorting, no pushing, no pushing away, nowhere to get to)

  • To explore a 'sense making' of this experience where everything that arises is pointing the way to deeply held longings, dreams and visions

  • To explore self responsibility for what arises in relation to any stimulus (ie something someone says or does)

So if you think you would like to join me in this space I'd love to hear from you.

Time And Date

6.00pm to 7.00pm Wednesday the 6th and  Wednesday the 13th of January 2021 via Zoom.