Creating Space In Your Life For Peace Safety & Healing

Wednesday 15th September 2021 @ 6.00pm to 8.00pm (GMT)



Most, if not all of us carry 'material' in our nervous system from childhood, that when in connection with others is activated and painful to hold. This can blur the boundaries between what's acceptable for us and what isn't, making it difficult to have any sense that a boundary has been crossed.


This class brings an exploration of the inner and outer work and practice required to create a life container where we can bring space for our inner healing and hold our mental health as priority.  Fiercely compassionate boundaries are grounded in deep self connection to our gut, to know when we are activated into the fight/flight response and prioritise listening and responding to its inherent wisdom.  It's a class to support you to normalise the discomfort of establishing loving boundaries and accepting that pain will most likely always be activated for you and the other.



This class will support you to:

  • Create a safe space in your life so that you can heal and find peace

  • Settle hypervigilence by focusing on what's alive for you, taking action and no longer 'waiting for the other shoe to drop'

  • Explore your right to just say 'no' and walk away

  • Understand and dissolve the co-dependency patterns that keep you in painful connection with people who are unable to 'see' you, bringing choice in who you allow into your intimate space

  • Set a boundary even when we know we will not be heard

  • Build the skill of self-compassion as priority through embodied connection with your 'gut response'

  • Encode new circuitry at the point of activation and end habitual self-abandonment patterns

  • Explore where responsibility lies for what's happening, yours and the other

  • Understanding the effects on ourselves and others when we set a personal boundary

  • Explore why we don't set the boundaries we need to feel safe,  there'll be a good reason, you will be meeting a need

  • Learn the kind of language that gives a good chance you will be heard and aligns you with the value of kindness

The  fee for the class is £26.50

Includes email support for 5 days following the class and 

free half hour coaching session within 2 weeks of the class to support you with the growth and inevitable changes experienced when setting new boundaries in your life 

Change is inevitable in any human life, so why not put your creative and loving energy at the centre of it for your wellbeing and peace.

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