Solitude And Silence In The Integration Of Wholeness

Saturday December 7th 2019


This workshop brings attention to and practice of the art of stillness as an essential skill in the Nonviolent Communication Process of needs awareness.


All individuals have needs and values that sustain and enrich our lives.  When those needs are fulfilled, we experience what we may describe as comfortable feelings like happiness or peacefulness, and when they are not fulfilled, we experience what we may describe as uncomfortable feelings like sadness, despair, frustration, and irritation. Understanding that we as well as all living beings around us have needs is the most important aspect of the Nonviolent Communication process.  But how do we know what we need when we were not asked this question in our early years but actively encouraged to put them aside, get over them and 'stop being selfish'?

Approaching the enquiry 'what do I need in this moment' can bring us to turbulent uncharted waters . But this enquiry brings us to our sacred middle where our true essence lies and awaits the warmth and hospitality of our presence.

There may be aspects of ourselves which have been sequestered away from our awareness from a young age where there was no warmth within our family unit for them to be held. These aspects seek us out through loves forever changing forms and my work is about fully participating in all the ways our life force would like to speak to us.

In my experience this process asks me to create  outer and inner stillness in order to listen.  Be that spending time on my own at home or in nature, or supported by another person as I take the journey through the invitation of stillness, to the sacred middle.   I have practised this art of enquiry for many years now. I name the eruptions and revelations that arrive into my awareness as my life force longing for fulfilment.  I uncover not only my needs in the present moment but also the trajectory of my life and inspirations about ways that I can create a scared holding place for all that longs to unfold before I leave this planet.

Sunrise on Nature

"As you become more and more willing to provide a home and sancturay for the entirety of your emotions, feelings and inner experience - and practice compassion and kindness to whatever appears - the beloved will come alive within you.  She will dissolve the dream of separation and dance eternally in the contradictions, for this is her secret home.  And even if you are unable to 'accept the way you are' 'stay in now' or maintain a consistent state of 'high vibration' or 'spiritual bliss' she will take the form of past and future and 'low vibration' and the dark night of the soul if that is how she must reach you.  For when you are able to offer safe passage for the dark and the light, you will become a clear vessel of love and it's activity here."



Matt Licata 'The Path Is Everywhere'

Booking and Details:

Time: 9.30am to 5.00pm

Date: Saturday 7th December 2019

Venue: St Luke's Therapy Centre Stroud Gloucestershire

Contribution: £55 - £75 (deposit/non-refundable £20 payable at point of booking)

Refreshments: Tea & Coffee / Soup and wheat sourdough bread lunch provided (please bring and share some food if you would like to contribute other things for our meal together)

What to bring: Indoor shoes, favourite treats, blanket, a  piece of cardboard to sit on outside (or a small camping chair) warm outdoor clothes and anything which supports your need for comfort during the day.