Monday 2nd August 6.00pm to 8.00pm GMT

Introductory Video


A 2 hour online class  to support an embodied understanding of the physicality aligned with being an introverted intuitive empath in our culture.

Offering space and guidance to identify creative ways to engage with the richness of life through understanding your needs in order to nourish and support yourself as you do so.


This class will support you to:

  • Learn a compassionate 'check-in' process to attune to the truth of what happens to your body in response to 'being outdoors'

  • Identify what needs are speaking to you through this inner activation

  • Access your intuitive intelligence in how to care for yourself within that truth

  • Build self-acceptance for your innate wiring and entering it's gifts

  • Understand how your 'battery life' works - what runs it down and what re-charges it - surfing the edges of your 'window of tolerance'

  • Grow choice from that place and become creative in how you meet life and express your heart's longings

The  fee for the class is £26.50