I established this body of work 2 years ago.  I chose the name Sense Of Life because it so perfectly describes what I do.  I support people to sense their inner life. It's a term that was coined by John O'Donoghue, a great teacher of the skill of revelation at the threshold of 'not knowing'. Of learning to see in the dark.


My work is about re-sensitising and softening humans and teaching and coaching the skill of self-compassion so that you become a loving mediator of your inner experience. My intention is to support the cultivation of a way of being that makes violence less possible through:


  • Working with compassionate tools to access your authenticity and choice

  • Where emotional pain, grief, sorrow, anger, regret, disillusionment become harbingers of abundance as they draw you nearer to yourself, nearer to home and to who you were when you arrived on the planet

  • Becoming familiar with the precious life inherent in your reactivity

  • Understanding the language in our culture that separates us and learning one that connects us through our hearts.โ€‹ (Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication (NVC), founder Marshall Rosenberg)

  • Gaining clarity about your life's purpose and gracefully embracing the perceived 'blocks' as portals to the centre of your longings

  • Preparing the ground for any dialogue you are longing to have with  your partner, children, friends and others in your community


I hope you join me and that what I do becomes food for your soul to thrive in this one precious life ๐Ÿงก