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I established this body of work 4 years ago.  I chose the name Sense Of Life because I support people to feel the aliveness as it rises in their body.  Why?  Because as with all mammals this is our intelligent guidance and life navigation system. By listening to it and bringing compassion to all the parts, especially the parts that are painful, we discover what we are longing for and how to navigate our life events and people in it. Once we are in connection with that understanding we can take actions and make choices that consider everyone's needs. My intention is to support the cultivation of a way of being that makes violence less possible.


I want to end the enemy image so prevalent in our culture that the activation in our nervous systems, bodies and psyches is something to transcend, overcome or get rid of. Oh no, these frozen states are the parts of us that had to take shelter in our early years because of the times when we were not held in loving safety by our caregivers.


My work supports you to cultivate self-compassion.  So rather than muscle and push your way through the 'material' that rises you learn to warm what's alive for you with your own tenderness and kindness in order to:

  • Become a loving mediator of your inner experience

  • At times of intensity, confusion and challenge, encoding new circuitry where there once lived shame, self-aggression and self-abandonment

  • Ending the outer seeking for answers and explanations and instead listening to the inner guidance we bring to ourselves when we embody clarity about our needs

  • Build self-trust in your inner experience and innate intelligence

  • Build self-worth - that finally your needs matter

  • To dissolve the dualistic definitions of right and wrong and instead to see all that rises as life longing for fulfillment

  • Understanding the language in our culture that separates us and learning one that connects us through our hearts

  • You are not a 'project to be solved', but a mystery that is unfolding daily

  • Working with compassionate tools to access our authenticity and choice

  • Gaining clarity about your life's purpose and gracefully embracing the perceived 'blocks' as pathway to the centre of the call of our longings and values

  • Preparing the ground for any dialogue you would like to have with  your partner, children, friends and others in your community​​