To turn toward the broken and grieve consciously, to honor the uncertainty, collecting the shards and the ashes and shepherding them. To dare to see the dissolution not as error but as holy, painfully and preciously whole, and to stand in awe as the pieces reassemble. 

Matt Licata


In these day long workshops I bring an invitation to  sense into what we are longing for (our needs) alongside learning ways to answer their call and ways to communicate this to others.  Sharing the beautiful space of St. Luke's Community Room and gardens we cultivate a lived experience of belonging, interdependence, compassionate presence and shared reality of what it is to be human.

Would you like to gain an understanding of how violence is embedded in the everyday language we use and the cultural norms we have been raised in and finding the pathway to our natural lineage of compassion? You will learn nothing new, you will be reminded of something that lives in your bones.


We will practice the art of Self Compassion (AKA Self Rescue!) through varied portals. We will stand at the unknown threshold John O'Donoghue speaks about, allowing life to impact us and to explore sense making through the exploration of the longings that reveal themselves to us.  We will engage in practical work that supports conversation, contemplation, silent witnessing and exploration outdoors.  Bringing to you an integrated felt sense of what it is to live and communicate with compassion using the principles and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication.    



Social distancing

All participants will be asked to consent to following guidance:



Dates Saturdays 2020:  September 26th , October  24th and November 21st

Venue: St. Luke's Therapy Centre

Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm 

What to bring: Indoor shoes, packed lunch, snacks and flask (or own mug and tea bag), blanket (no food being shared at present thank you).

 My fees: ( I am offering a payment scale depending on circumstances and lowered it given the challenges at the present time for most of us):

Highest Income Level 

Financially comfortable or if it  is being paid for by your organisation £60.00

Middle Income Level 

Can pay bills and rent but not a lot for extras (ie having a meal out would be rare) £40.00

Lowest Income Level 

On benefits or very low income with no assets and struggling to pay bills and rent £25.00 

Prerequisite: An understanding of the fundamentals of NVC is essential for attendance at my workshops.  This c an be having read Marshall Rosenberg's Book Nonviolent Communication A Language Of Life, the audio book is available on youtube.  Or you may have attended a foundation training in NVC. 


St. Luke's Therapy Centre

Here is a video I made so you can see the beautiful surroundings of St. Luke's Therapy Centre.