Clare O'Sullivan
Needs Based Emotional Intelligence And Communication
Teacher & Coach

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I am a survivor of childhood domestic violence. I have been hungry for peace, harmony and safety all my life and my Sense Of Life work is the culmination of that exploration and journey.  I have been involved in pioneer work for many years in the fields of care and education and the cultivation of compassion.  I am the happiest girl in the world if I have an animal in my arms. 

My background is that I was born and raised in Southern Ireland into a suffocating religion that upholds the idea that humans are innately 'wrong' and 'flawed' and an ancestry laden with violence, oppression and loss . 


My father was a violent alcoholic, and I loved him so much and wanted him to love me.  This, mostly, wasn't possible for him.  I have had a lifelong question - what happened to my father that this was the only way he could tell us he was in pain and what could have been done to support him and to restore peace in our home?


And so my work is about the resensitisation of humans through self compassion, so that we can enter our inner experience and cultivate capacity to respond to it with a warming curiosity that opens up choice around our actions and language, and to create a place where everyone's needs matter. I pray that the ancestral line of violence is diminishing through me to the best of my ability in any given moment.