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Date: 12th September 2021 9am PST (5pm GMT)

Class Overview

When we have had to hide our beauty and joy and playfulness as little ones, approaching play and creativity as an adult can be difficult. Sometimes we experience a sense of freeze. This is often because the creative process is linked to our vulnerability and it is there that we may meet the ‘material’ of earlier times in the form of trauma, shock, loss or grief in our bodies.


During this class I will teach an embodied self-compassion process that encodes new circuity when the fight/flight response is activated. The intention is to build our capacity to become present to these parts of ourselves, not to fix or sort them, but to befriend them as pathway and guideposts into our creativity and capacity for play.

This class is for you if you would like to:

  • Understand and familiarise yourself with the quality of freeze that arises for you (what opens you out/what closes you down) when you approach the process of being creative (AKA play)

  • Hold compassionate presence for that painful somatic activation

  • Understand the origins of this fight/flight somatic experience

  • Bring warm presence to this ‘material’ in the present moment in order to alleviate the emotional pain and to build a bridge to your intuition

  • Work with the best kept secret that is; intuiting your needs in that moment supports you to warmly enter the creative flow state and informs the self-care strategies needed going forward

  • Cultivate a sense of reverence and a ‘no pressure’ stance to your unfolding creativity

  • Identify the superpowers of someone who prioritises their creativity in their life


This class will support you to normalise:

  • Connecting with yourself non-judgmentally whenever you need to

  • The practice of self-resonance

  • The practice of empathically embracing the truth of your experience

  • A sense that your needs matter

  • That it is your natural right to have spaciousness to create and play

  • Spotting the ‘red flags’ of self-abandonment when it comes to prioritising your creative life

You Will Learn a Step by Step Process to:

  • Build self-connection at the point of freeze

  • Familiarise yourself with the somatic activation in your body at that threshold

  • Build warm connection and a welcoming of it in order to

  • Access the intelligence within it by understanding your needs and connecting with your intuition


5-day follow-up support through email to accompany you on the path of cultivating self-compassion when you meet a sense of ‘freeze’ in your creative endeavours

Free ½ hour follow-up support zoom call – for the same purpose

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