Knowing how to connect with our emotions in a way that supports our life is a skill set that most of us have not learnt and in fact we have been educated away from it. We have come to fear this inner experience.  We imagine that if we enter this cyclone we will never come out of it.  We do what we can to numb and override it, even seeing it as an enemy.  And most tragic of all we have even lost sight of the purpose of connecting with our emotions.


The intention within my work is to address this anti-human practice and return us once again to a sense of safety that can only ever be found in the warmth of self-connection through our 8th sense, neuroception.  Our emotions, bodily sensations and thoughts have one purpose and one purpose only.  To take care of you and ask you to check in with your needs.  These perceived 'unwanted' visitors contain our innate intelligence communicating through the 'information highway' that is your 8th sense, checking in with us about our needs in the same way as they do with all mammals. 

This dissociation from our somatic experience is at the root of our mental and emotional distress and suffering and is also at the root of the violence among our species.  When we disconnect from our own needs we disconnect from the needs of others and the needs of all life.  I want to support a return to our true empathic interconnected innate nature.  The return isn't easy due to all that is held in our nervous systems through our ancestry and through the empathic failure we met in our early years, but that's why I'm here, to show you the way, one step at a time and growing your window of welcome for it one moment at a time, so that you can feel more alive, creative, empowered and grow a sense of home in your body and in your life.

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Welcome. I'm Clare O'Sullivan and I'm a needs embodiment teacher and coach.  I hope that I can offer you a soft landing place where you can build empathic self-connection and radical self-acceptance through understanding what you are longing for.  I have spent many years cultivating an inner compassionate ground through empathically accompanying the emotional suffering I meet as a result of lived experience of domestic violence in my childhood and the repeated invitations of grief and loss throughout life.


"A fundamental key thing has become clear to me: support and compassion can only be provided by those who have also chosen to walk this path, to be on this journey. A safe space is only that if the human being offering it is also able to look at and hold deep pain. 


Finding such people is rare. Clare is rare! Her ability to consistently meet me where I am in my pain is so welcome and beautiful."

Coaching & Class Participant 2022