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Clare O'Sullivan


Compassionate Communication Facilitator

Certified With the Centre For Nonviolenece

"We have unlearned the patience and attention of lingering at the thresholds where the unknown awaits us."

John O'Donoghue

My work is about re-sensitising humans and mediating inner experience. My intention is to support the cultivation of a way of being that makes violence less possible. It's origins began in my early years witnessing the held pain in my father which he discharged into the circle of his family.  I witnessed so much violence and have the tracks of trauma in my limbic and nervous system as a result. And so you find me here having begun the cultivation of practices that enable me to mediate my inner experience so that the ancestral trail of violence is diminished through me. These are the practices I share through my work.
I am cultivating spaciousness with my reactivity that allows me to hear what I am longing for, I see it as 'path' not 'pathology'  and it brings me choice in how and with whom I share my life, supports me to live out my 'call' fully,  and enables me to hold spaces for others to do the same. I work with individuals and groups and create spaces where self connection becomes possible through the lens of compassion and where the interconnectedness of all things, two legged, four legged and winged, the birch tree the honeysuckle and the morning dew on the grass become the portal through which life meets us and reveals our true essence and purpose.   

Working with compassionate tools to access your authenticity and choice

Preparing the ground for dialogue you are longing to have with  your partner, children, friends and others in your community

Understanding the language in our culture

that separates us and learning one that connects us through our hearts

Becoming familiar with the precious life inherent in your reactivity

Gaining clarity about your life's purpose and gracefully embracing the perceived 'blocks' as portals to the centre of your longings